Project Description

Description of living room carpet

Living room carpet is used to decorate the Home, hotel, Tea Bar, Casino, Offices, Restaurants,Airports, Docks, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Cinemas,and with the development of the Russian economy and social progress, The use of commercial carpets has gradually increased in scope and coverage.

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Parameter of living room carpet

Product Name living room carpet
Size 80*120cm/160*230cm/200*290cm/240*340cm/300*400cm etc
Material Nylon
Backing Material PP
Pile Height 4-10mm
Pile Weight 400-1400g/sqm
Customized Service Can be Customized
Cleaning and Maintenance Vacuum cleaners or soft brushes are used in your daily routine. Please use special carpet cleaning agent when washing

Remark: This pattern carpet can be used Acrylic, polyester, nylon material. Pile height can be 4-10mm. Pile weight can be 400-1400g/sqm, And also customize to the more pattern and size. As long as you can think of it, we can do it. Sample is provide for you.

Detail Image

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Nylon printed

Nylon printed floor carpet with compact structure, good appearance, elasticity and stability. It is the guarantee for making high-quality carpets


Select soft material, strong tactile skin, good elasticity, comfortable feet, no irritation to skin, safety and environmental protection

Competitive Price Easy Cleaning Custom Design carpet for living room 2
Competitive Price Easy Cleaning Custom Design carpet for living room 3


Floor carpet backing adopt PP material,Fireproof & Good wear resistance

Our Characteristics

  • Adopt high and thick pile makes carpet with high density. As everyone knows: the density of the soft surface is the test of carpet quality: the greater the density of the soft surface, the better the quality of the carpet. High-density carpets keep shape longer, anti-dirt, anti-stain better.
  • Pile height is 6mm,thickening pile, very wearable.
  • The bottom is special backing material for carpeting, The floor mats need to be added when the bed is full.
  • Customized service, the pattern and design can be customized as your requirement, you can provide your pattern and design to us, Our technicians will do exactly the same thing.
  • After you getting your room size, I will provide arrange plan, save more resources and financial resources.
  • The lead time is usually 25 days after receipt of the payment, but we always try to make an earlier delivery.

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